Friday, June 15, 2007

Apple Safari Crash 2

Another Crash :-). While opening a URL. We captued with visual studio debug screen

We belive this 'll be the end of apple safari crash reports in this blog. Sad to say there are more crashes found but we have no intensions to use this blog as a apple crash report space :-)

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Anonymous said...

OMGZ I can't believe a BETA APPLICATION is crashing! Run for teh hilzz!

Anonymous said...

Beta application is not supposed to crash (if its from apple ). I dont know abt MS :-))

Unni said...

Nice comments, accepting we also had high hopes with safari due to

1) I never herd it crashed in Mac
2) Iphone uses safari
3) Apple Hype.

Last and least of all, we believe in reporting crashes to apple so that we get better software later. The crash interface of safari was not active for the crash reporting. This is the reason we used yankandpaste to report and passed the link to apple.

We decided not to continue because we dont want our blog to be an apple crash blog.