Friday, June 22, 2007

Self proclaimed children

Every body is in Buzz (web 2.0, voice 2.0 Life 2.0 (SL) etc etc ), I don't know even i can put my name like unni 2.0.This reminds me the bubble on 2000, which ended in closing and laying off a lot.

Its back. Lot new self proclaimed children

The last one i herd :

Self proclaimed child of CraigsList and YouTube (don't ask me who is mother) or may be expecting one of them to adopt.

As youtube offers me to upload video and give me HTML to link to any site ( not only craigslist ) i am not sure why we need this.

craigslist ?? its the most popular free adv site in north America.
you tube ?? its the most popular video sharing site.

tailpiece: Make hay while the sun shines. Don't ask questions.

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yusufyusuf said...

abisi bunlar ne yaa.... şiir filan mı.. yoksa siz de yazılar böyle mi yazılıyo ? anlamadım ama ...