Saturday, June 30, 2007

Driving ... a looking back

Was remembering, the first days of driving in Vancouver. As the background, i was relocated from India to Canada 2 years back.

In India, we have right hand drive and Canada is a left hand drive.

The laws ??

Yep we don't bother much about it in India ( true freedom ) but Canada ? Its tickets and insurance hike.

Looking back some moments the blunders i did on road ( failed 3 time in road test to get a pass ).

Instructor said take left and i did through a no entry. We need no care on left turn when we drive right hand side. Same i did with right hand side also ( did too much care).

Another one : Her question " do u know what is this sign" pointing to a sign board. I said " stop sign" . She replied " ohh , sorry , i thought you don't know that, already three passed".

Second test : more care full, so drive on 30 all way( me intelligent ). Max is 50 then no problem, she said " queue on your back ".

sharing the links which helps to get license :

The below gives road sense tips:
( very nice video interactive tutor in skills )

Tailpiece : wondering how may i drive, if i go back to India - No, I don't drive

Sad part : I had 10+ yrs driving exp in India, but didn't get any concession because of the system difference.

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