Wednesday, June 13, 2007

VoIP could be used by terrorists

UK police have claimed that the rising popularity of VoIP could be abused by terrorist organisations, reports Sky News.

Concerns have recently been raised regarding the security risks of VoIP and this new comment will add further significance to the debate.

Peter Sommer, a research fellow at the London School of Economics, said that terrorists could use VoIP to avoid traditional phone-tapping methods."The problem for law enforcement is you can issue a warrant but you may not be able to enforce it against the company because the company is overseas.

"If you can enforce it, you have still got no idea where the person is who is making the call - if you get hold of the content, it is going to be encrypted and you are not going to be able to decrypt it."

However, the news network reported that the new national e-crime unit was expected to devote much of its time to overcoming the difficulties of tracing VoIP-using terror groups

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