Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Work Life Balance

was reading

The problem i see everywhere

Fresh out ppl :- time for proving them self - do do and prove ( a lot enthusiasm )

After 3 to 5 yrs :- I know the tech game , its all old tricks

After getting engaged/married :- life has a lot good things to enjoy, I am forced to sit to match with the fresh people ( confession time : i too made some body's life miserable )

After a Kid :- Life is beautiful , need money to live and pay the bills.

Kid growing :- good things , i have to prove now again, this is the time of achievement for my kid.

Late 40's - again confession

After 60's - life is beautiful again

May be i am wrong, don't know. But i used to see, a lot always does not understand the meaning of life and ends up in living for working than working for living.
May be let this be an eye opener.

tailpiece : Life cycle is repeating, ask your dad, he has gone through same.

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