Monday, June 18, 2007

We have 10 years, folks. And then it's man the lifeboats, or head for the hills

That's the conclusion of James Hansen and five other scientists. They've just published a paper with the Royal Society in England. It says melting ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctic could soon reach a point of no return. The team even says the recent reports from the United Nations' global warming conferences are too conservative in their projections of what could happen.

The paper urges quick and decisive action, including attempts to scrub greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. Hansen is outspoken and a favorite target of global warming disbelievers. In all fairness, Hansen's been at this climate change thing a long time. Back in 1999 he co-wrote an article on changing temperature patterns around the world. At that time his map showed the U.S. seemed to be cooling temporarily. He didn't try to jiggle the data.

Believe Hansen and his cohort, or diss them, we will soon see who's right. Scientists are actively tracking the ice sheets in Antarctic and those on Greenland where changes will be closely measured.

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Unni said...

The latest survey says china is the no: 1 Co2 emitter and second is Unitedstates. It high time for rest of the world to ask compensation because all world is affected.

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I used to hear blame on asia ( India and china ) when there is a climate change in North America. Second time i herd blam on asia was when Gas prices went to $1.30. The radio was saying "Because of economy boom in asia ( india and china ) they consume more gas and this make this price hike". The worst part was the Hike was just before a long weekend. I dont know whether north americans are soo stupid enough to believe these reasons.