Monday, February 8, 2010

2011 chevrolet colorado ??

Was looking for a colorado in craigslists. Found some models and them started search for user review comments.

To be true i saw a lot 2006 model comments which has problems. didnt get much comments on 2007 onwards. then i started wondering why. I went to wikipedia and check the below page.

Looked on the sales numbers ,

Calendar Year Colorado Canyon Total U.S. sales
2004[7] 117,475 27,193 144,668
2005[7] 128,359 34,845 163,204
2006[8] 93,876 23,979 117,855
2007[9] 75,716 20,888 96,604
2008[9] 54,346 14,974 69,320
2009[10] 32,413 10,107 42,520

It clearly showed me,why there impact of the reviews and sales numbers reflected it very well. If somebody from GM looked on this well, i am sure they would have understood what needed to be done and how they should have done incremental updates to it.

Finally i spend a bit time reading IIHS Crash tests and Chevolet colorados performace ( hits bottom ). I believe the new GM should have learned to have quality vehicles than cheap vehicles. So i decided to do a small contribution for a 2011 Chevolet colorado design. Its completely derived from the 2010 Equinox which will really help them to

1) Reduce costs by sharing parts with Equinox
2) Use Existing resources better than spending money for a full redesign ( old GM way was never update any vehicle, design, sell, again redesign sell - finally loose money and market ).
This will be a great incremental update for the Colorado.
3) As they can use the parts of Terrain for the GMC counter part
4) As This is derived they can use parts of existing platforms ( GMT 355 and use exterior and engine from Theta .Both are known ones they can minimize the test time and concentrate on tests than design.
5) It looks really better.

The rendered pic below :-)

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