Thursday, February 11, 2010

14 mode hybrid ?? -cont ... profiles

One of the major concern for a hybrid buyer is fuel economy. I found a nice way to tackle it in our hybrid concept by introducing profiles.

  • Commuter Profile
  • Auto profile

The commuter profile makes the 5 cylinder engine to operate only 3 (or even 2 ) of its cylinders and use electric motors to support at extra power needs (similar to HSD/ BAS+ hybrid of GM ) which uses electric motor for low speeds, ICE at optimal rpm - gen, ICE at optimal rpm and ICE + electric motor for acceleration /up hills and regeneration at breaking.

The other idea is to support this profile with an aerodynamic canopy ( factory designed with canopy to have max aero effect on the optimal rpm /speed ) for better fuel efficiency.

So this takes off the worry daily commuter to have the truck or if truck is running long one side without any load and use the power only when its needed than running all cylinders all time. ( example a 3.7 ltr 5 cylinder engine, operating with 3 cylinder mode will have almost 2.22 ltr + electric motor power available - so it should offer better power and fuel economy than a 2.4 ltr 4 cylinder engined equinox ) . This should be good power for even 4 people drive + some loads ( remember equinox 2.4 ltr has a tow capacity of 1500 pounds.)

The Auto profile is to choose the ICE and electric motor combinations only according to the pre-programmed logic.

Its better to have more profiles to optimize the use resources more effectively ( like a medium mode ( 4 people / light load ) , tow mode ( fully loaded / tow ) etc.

The base idea is like electric grid communication , use only optimal resources for any situation and save the rest. Organize the profiles in such a way to get maximum efficiency and allow to force to stick to some settings if needed.

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