Saturday, February 13, 2010

hybrid concept ?? -cont ... fixed gears ( was 14 mode hybrid )

Decided the change the title of the from 14 mode hybrid ?? to hybrid concept as now we are going beyond the a 14 mode concept.

Today i was thinking on it a bit more and introduction of a fixed gears to hybrid system.

Use case ? Lets say we want to increase the tow capacity on a particular profile. The same Electric motor + ICE works but if the truck is going a steep - as per the previous theory , the entire load will shift to electric motors as speed decreases. So by introducing a fixed gear system, the load requirement gets supported by ICE and Electric motors which helps to add more weight capability.

So this can work across all profiles. The control system/software needs to decide which one is more efficient on below
1) to use another cylinder
2) a fixed gear.

So finally we are getting more clear to have a hybrid system concept where we use only required optimal energy for a particular use which helps to increase the overall efficiency.

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