Tuesday, February 9, 2010

14 mode hybrid ??

Again thoughts on the above rendering

What engine option may be the best

I would love to have 3.7 ltr 5 cylinder direct injection rwd/4x4 hybrid - Only one ?? Yep Only one

When i say hybrid if you ask, - i don't know but i know it should have below modes

1) Electric only
2) 3 Cylinder
3) 3 Cylinder + electric motor
4 3 Cylinder + Generator
5) 3 Cylinder + electric motor + Generator
6) 4 Cylinder
7) 4 Cylinder + electric motor
8) 4 Cylinder + Generator
9) 4 Cylinder + electric motor + Generator
10) 5 Cylinder
11) 5 Cylinder + electric motor
12) 5 Cylinder + Generator
13) 5 Cylinder + electric motor + Generator
14) Regenerative mode ( on all times above modes and breaking etc )

so is it a 14 mode hybrid ?? ( 1+ 4 = 5 and 5 cylinder, so numerology matches ). May its better to put something like an 3 or a 5 (for numerology sake) letter acronym which can be pronounced easier.

One question may be why 5 cylinder : look at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Straight-five_engine for more details.

In practical tests may be "'x' Cylinder + electric motor + Generator" mode need to be reconsidered based on the efficiency it can achieve. But its all depends on the control logic which is programmed by a firmware to activate and use the mode. On a transmission design point, all the modes should be possible without further hardware change.

The ICE should be optimized for peak efficiency and fixed rpm range and rest all should be handled with the Electric motor/Generator . The transmission need to designed so that it can have a trans output as a function of ice rpm, Electric motor and Generator. The existing technologies which is used in the 2 mode system (like active fuel management ,variable valve timing,direct injection etc) should make this.

One update is to make more modes with introduction of turbo charging . The modes will be increased to around 23 modes (2 + 3 = 5 again another numerology works) - which should be able to reduce the 3.7 ltr engine to a 2.5 ltr engine ( still 5 cylinder )

If this can be done, i am sure the design can achieve a very high fuel economy without sacrificing any power and will be good in emissions as it runs in optimal way all the time/modes.

How GM can do it ? Optimizing the 2 mode system and use the existing 3.7 ltr engine which goes in H3/Colorado. What is takes its only some time ,experiment spirit and test. Its all existing resources and only what it takes is incremental update of system.

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