Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"Pavement ends, Watch for Hummer ahead"

Was reading GM decided to close Hummer. Finally this was the point i understood there is not even any one left in US with a 150 million to save brand and jobs in US.

My thoughts on what went wrong?

H2 may be good at time of introduction but in my view current H2 is a mistake, they should have refined in way

  • H2- Full size Off road 4x4 SUV and SUT (8/9+ people mover with 6.0 ltr engine )
  • H3 - Midsize off road 4x4 SUT and SUT ( with 3.7 or 6.0 ltr options )
  • H4 - Compact off road 4x4 SUT and UTE ( a scion XB, granite size Hummer with 2.4 or 3.7 ltr engines)

The focus should be off road capability,safety and fuel efficiency.

Wondering we will ever hear "The road ends: Hummer Begins" , In other language "Pavement ends, Watch for Hummer ahead"

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