Thursday, February 18, 2010

Taking for Granted

Last day i was browsing through YouTube and a farm scene got my attention.

It was a very familiar scene from my childhood. Then i started thinking of how that pump works.

The motor produces rotary motion and that motion need to converted to a flow and finally move water from one place to another.

It was fun to think like a child. I started thinking i have 2 buckets, one placed down with water and second one placed above me which does not have water. I have straws from both in my hand. Its nice to imagine, I suck from on straw and then spit to second. so in total the actions i need is use my both thumps to close ends of straws to avoid air entering/water coming out and then suck and spit.

The action in a procedural way

1) Close both ends of straws with thumps
2) Open thump1 and suck from the straw which is from the bucket with water.
3) Close thump1 and open the other thump
4) Spit water to that straw and close thump2.
5) Repeat step 2,3,4 again and again till the water finishes.

So we found 2 valves, one chamber, a Piston and rad can covert rotatory motion to water flow. May be one design for a pump ( seems this was invented in late 1800s ) and we never think how things works.

Just taking the comforts for granted. Never thinking ...

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